Another year of change for energy at home!

Home energy issues are even more topical than when we started MakeyourhomeEco as a way of demystifying the subject and empowering action around homes, energy and resources. Energy and water bills have increased so much that the big 6 energy companies have come under significant scrutiny, but few people yet see an alternative to the usual ways of using energy at home….
Globally we now face what’s like the ‘worst case scenario’ in terms of CO2 and the human fuelling of Climate Change, policies are no longer focussing on prevention of Climate Change but adaptation to it.
Massive price rises means a terrible increase in fuel poverty for many of us who haven’t experienced it before and therefore a huge need for fuel efficiency, awareness and better control. It also means unpredictability and it means we need to take a serious look at our lifestyles and what will happen to ourselves if the oil runs out or the climate wreaks havoc.
As resource depletion accelerates to a critical degree, the knock on effects will be felt all around us – on our food supply, our transportation, the availability of goods and services and employment. The ‘business as usual of cheap energy underpinning our ‘normal life’ is now no longer certain – so societal norms and provisions are less secure.

However, we must remember that we’re adaptable and intelligent creatures, and that we cannot survive without a healthy planet. Therefore it can also be a time of increasing the capacity of communities to pull together and make do with (indeed enjoy having) LESS stuff, to develop skills, tolerance and resilience to these changes as and when they arise. It is a time of unprecedented opportunity in the UK to bring our bills DOWN, to waste much less energy and even generate our own.  

We need to start now, to equip ourselves to enjoy the ride and, above all, to participate, each in our own way, to ease our energy dependence. This is no easy feat as our dependence on cheap oil has provided us with most of the things we are used to having and doing. Creating our ‘culture’ no less. But that’s okay. By taking advantage of incentives and initiatives that exist NOW we can set ourselves and each other up for an easier ride into a better world.

Part of this is to get into and enjoy learning again. Learning that isn’t like school but where your own values and experiences, and the people and the natural world around you are your teachers.

We hope MakeyourhomeEco can be a small but significant step on this journey.


Jan 2014


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  1. This is great, well said!


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