Autumn 2010. Participant feedback from the first ever MakeyourhomeEco course

In the immediate term it has provided access to resources and practical ideas (some of which are very low cost) which I can implement. It has also given me insight into more major projects that I might undertake in the future when I have the capital”

It has helped me to focus and given me the information and confidence to get on with some projects, particularly the low cost ones that I can do myself.”

The course has encouraged me to look more closely at my home and helped me to identify key issues, needs, opportunities and priorities for action.”

I was pleased with the amount and relevance of information given, and impressed at how much we were enabled to learn in such a short time.”

I found it interesting and thought provoking to hear different perspectives on the issues, and very helpful learning from the ideas and experience of others. It was also helpful to have the opportunity to work through issues and ideas with others.”

I think it was good to have discussion each session to let people reflect on what they have done, what they could have done, what others have done, give other people some news.”

This course gave me more clarity and order, and filled the gaps about subjects that I was not aware.”

It helped me to go further in my projects, made me do it now and not ”later , when I will have time”.

I enjoyed the sessions, the tutors worked very well together and had a good balance of skills and roles”.

They (tutors) were very welcoming and approachable and definitely responded well to our questions and supported our learning.”

From a beginner point of view, you probably over loaded with information, but from an advance point of view more info could have been given. I think you gave a good balance of information.”

It was really easy to participate in the group”.

I was quite ignorant about the practicalities of renewables i.e. exactly what they are, benefits, costs of installation, so this section was very informative”.

Enjoyed the session about insulation where we were able to discuss and handle the different materials. I also enjoyed the renewables presentation with photographs. I guess this is because I like visual aids so I would be in favour of more of that!”

It’s helped me understand the relationship between energy saving, carbon footprint reduction and the effectiveness (both in these terms and in financial terms) of undertaking different projects so that I can understand what potential payback may be and I can therefore prioritise which are most relevant / achievable for me”.

Compiled form views of participants on our pilot course at The Create Centre Nov 2010

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