The Courses

Whether you’re a morning or an evening person, you can come on a MakeyourhomeEco course this Autumn. Take your pick!

1. Monday evenings 6.30-9pm at St Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Rd.
6 sessions, starting monday 17th October 2011 until monday 28th November **please note, there will be no session on 24th October as it is half term and UK Energy Saving Week**

2. Wednesday mornings 9.45-12.15pm in the EcoHome at the CREATE centre. Smeaton Rd, Hotwells.
6 Sessions, starting on wednesday 19th October until wednesday 30th November **please note, there will be no session on 26th October as it is half term and UK Energy Saving Week**

Each course is £95.00 per person. Two concessionary places will be offered on each (proof of benefits required).

Both venues are fully accessible.

Go to ‘SIGN UP’ to request a place and receive information and a registration form for your preferred course.

We offer 6 week courses – one evening or daytime a week – at affordable cost to homeowners and tenants across Bristol.

We like to run localised courses so that participants from a local area can contribute to building a sense of their community – getting to know each other on the course and sharing ideas and common experiences and even helping each other out. Participants from a local area often have similar kinds of houses and share a knowledge of the areas geography, community, opportunities and constraints. This is immensely helpful and can kick start or push forward the collective awareness of how to become a more low energy, low carbon community or neighbourhood. The course will increase your confidence in and awareness of the changes you want to make in your home and life, and every change you make can ripple out to your neighbours!

Generally the Course follows this structure:

Week 6The outcome : Putting together the pieces of the home energy jigsaw. Living lightly – you are what makes the biggest difference. Incentives, making and funding cost-effective plans. Course evaluation and feedback.

Week Topics
Week 1 Introductions and personal profiles, values, budgets and motives – a first look at your home and how it’s powered.
Week 2 Understanding your home – energy awareness and monitoring, how you use your space and what’s possible in your home and in your daily life. The 10:10 game.
Week 3 Insulation – the ins and outs. Costs, choices and tips. Hands on look at various materials
Week 4 Renewables – why, what and how. Costs, choices and suppliers.
Week 5 Appliances, fixtures, fittings and temporary measures – user behaviour, new and second hand options – energy ratings, developing eco-renovation options.


Don’t be put off! We will give participants some enjoyable ‘eco-homework’ each week which we encourage them to undertake in their own time. This will either be something relating to their own home, trying a new skill or researching a topic. We will share the results at the beginning of each subsequent week.


Certain materials will be provided each week such as information relating to each week’s topics such as glossary, signposts/links and samples of materials. Participants will need to bring paper and pen for their own note taking. We can also email worksheets so you can work on them at home.


Our approach is interactive and we encourage co-working and using real-life cases to develop our own solutions. We do not come from any specific school of thought but encourage people to explore the huge diverse range of ideas and inspiration that exist in the world already and from that develop their own views and project ideas. The course is a combination of practical and factual information, the exploration and development of personal values and motives, and joint working to stimulate and share differing points of view and project ideas.

Scope and limitations.

This course focusses on retrofitting and refurbishment for existing homes – especially those typical of the area.

It doesn’t cover garden design, veg growing, food or transport. It will cover waste disposal and local sourcing of materials and expertise in so far as it relates directly to each participant’s own inquiry and plans. It is not recommending any particular manufacturer, supplier or trades person but will enable participants to find those best suited to effective energy saving (including embodied energy) as ethically as possible, for their home, on their budget.

There are a number of considerations to be weighed up when making decisions about home improvements. We imagine that concern for the planet, issues of energy security and money saving will be high on the list of participants’ motives for being on the course.

If you want to find out about the next course that’s running it will be posted on the BLOG (latest) each time.

Download our course flyer (A6)



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