Our Approach

MakeyourhomeEco is an independent learning initiative created to inspire action, supporting and enabling Bristol residents to co-create a low-carbon future, beginning at home. MYHE has run some very successful six week courses in Bristol to promote home energy understanding, and is developing further work with other Bristol communities.

The aim of the courses is to inspire, demystify, connect and support each participants’ own journey towards greater energy efficiency, awareness and control.

It encourages participants to examine their own motives, values, lifestyle and budgets and develop plans for their homes which reflect these. The courses are designed to bridge the gap between the huge amounts of information and inspiration that exist -on the web and within organisations and businesses, and peoples’ real lives, constraints, confusions, ideas and lifestyles. In doing so it will meet people where they are, helping them to find what they need to start changes they consider to be important and achievable.

MakeyourhomeEco is connected to Bristol Green Doors, Bristol Energy Network, Transition Groups and other local initiatives. Course groups have between 12 and 20 participants.

We facilitate in ways which enable people to feel connected, listened to, able to participate and which make the most of the participants’ own experiences, wisdom and skills. This is balanced with thorough but accessible technical information to meet needs as fully as possible. We promote a hands-on approach, with games, workshops, and self-guided investigations of the particpants’ own home to meet their needs and situation, whether owner or tenant.

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