Our latest course underway in Easton, Bristol

Posted on January 22, 2014


Very positive news: that the latest MakeyourhomeEco course is now running in Easton, Bristol. Particpants started by identifying which issues matter most to them and how strongly these would affect their decisions around upgrading energy performance of their home.Marking their own goals and priorities for home energy improvements

As well as saving Energy, Carbon, and Money the group added a range of priorities they have. For each they said whether it was low, medium or high – these factors will affect their retrofitting decisions.
With lots of ideas and issues rasised, the six week course got off to a good start. A mix of ideas for both owners and tenants will be covered allowing everyone to develop their own projects and actions.
Each week the group get helpful worksheets and activities, and there will be hands-on exercises to explore and discuss how suitable the different choices of insulation materials and energy saving eco-gadgets can be.
From week one the group have been issued with home electricity monitors to get a better understanding of household and gadget energy consumption. They also started checking their utility bills to track weekly energy consumption and look for evidence of savings they may make during and after the course.
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