New courses announced in Easton, Bristol

Posted on December 5, 2013


We’re delighted to be able to confirm a series of courses to be run in Easton, Bristol, from January to March 2014. Thanks to a grant from the Lottery Awards for All fund, MakeyourhomeEco will be working with Easton Energy Group to run a series of short courses aimed at both owner occupiers and private tenants. These will help demystify home energy and show how to manage energy better at home. Free tips of action to take, low cost measures, and larger projects to promote energy efficiency and to enable bills to be kept under control will be covered in participatory group sessions.

There will be games, hands on exercises, and simple worksheets that ensure all the learning is centred on how people want to live their lives in their own homes, based on their needs and the constraints they face. Ideas for working with landlords when renting property, and projects for owners to develop will be covered too. 

Easton Energy Group are at:

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