All change for saving energy at home!

Posted on December 14, 2012


As we enter 2013 it’s going to be a brave new world for making your house into an energy saving home. The end of most grants and free insulation offers will be a shock to those who never quite got round to taking up the offers…. Act now while stocks last!!
The alternative: a whole house “Green Deal assessment” followed by proposals for a suite of ‘cost-effective’ measures funded by a loan and implemented by “Green Deal installers” is hardly simple to get to grips with.
The Green Deal approach is new and untested. The idea of a ‘golden rule’ governing cost effectiveness, so that loan repayments do not exceed the savings generated over the lifetime is one concept to take in. The idea of the loan being attached to the property (via its electricity meter) whatever the savings, from heat or appliances, will be tricky to get accepted by house renters and buyers. 
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