Home energy workshops in Montpelier

Posted on March 19, 2012


Home energy workshops in Montpelier

Look out for MakeyourhomeEco at the forthcoming community energy event run by Transition Montpelier’s Energy Group.

This is on Saturday April 14th. It will be a mini-festival of all things energy efficient, and is on from 2-5pm in the old Fairfield School.  

The event is paid for by the group’s successful Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF) grant from the government. Local residents will be invited to ask advice from local contractors, listen to expert talks, see what the LEAF grant has taught us about Montpelier’s homes, sign up for energy-saving workshops, with free food, music kids activities and goodies to giveaway.

There wil be several MYHE drop-in workshops through the afternoon, exploring and demystifying home insulation, eco gadgets and how to save carbon in your life. If you live in Montpelier come and take part and see us there!

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